Sayantika on being Zayed Khan’s wife

Sayantika on being Zayed Khan's wife

It was rumoured that Tollywood actress Sayantika was in love with Bangladeshi actor Zayed Khan.

Two Bengali film lovers were involved in the discussion.

This time, without directly naming Zaid, the Indian media news daily asked the actress, “Are you becoming the wife of Bangladesh?

Sayantika was not perturbed or shocked by this question. “She quickly replied,” “I’m not married.” My parents don’t want me to get married. I always tell my friends in the media to find the pot, everyone says they will give it, but they don’t. I don’t have time to search! Where do I fall in love with 24 hours? ‘

The actress also praised Zayed Khan.

“I am not defaming anyone,” he said. Zayed Khan is a good man. When I went to shoot in Bangladesh, Zayed helped me, gave me respect. ’

Sayantika of Kolkata was sharing the screen with Zayed Khan in the film ‘Chhayabaaz’.

The shooting of the film, directed by Taju Kamrul, began in Cox’s Bazar on August 29 last year. After shooting for a week, Sayantika went to the country on the pretext of mismanagement. The incident was widely reported in Indian and Bangladeshi media.

Meanwhile, Sayantika’s love affair with Zayed Khan has been the talk of the town. This time, the actress clearly poured water on the fire.

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