They will lay Khalid to rest in Gopalganj.

They will lay Khalid to rest in Gopalganj.

The new graveyard of Gopalganj city will lay, Khalid, the singer of ‘If grief comes from the Himalayas’, to rest. The singer was taken to his home in Gopalganj on Monday night.

It is learned that Khalid’s body reached his home in Gopalganj city at 3: 30pm. Earlier, Khalid’s first namaz-e-janaza was held at Green Road Jami Masjid in the capital at 11pm on Monday. People from all walks of life took part. This includes people from art and culture. They participated in the funeral procession.

Khalid’s brother-in-law said Khalid’s second funeral prayer will be after Zohr prayers. It will be on Tuesday (March 19). It will be at the court mosque in Gopalganj city.

Later, he will be buried at the city’s Gatepara graveyard.

He added that Khalid’s wife and son are in the US. Asked if they will come, he said that, per religious opinion, it’s better to bury within 24 hours. Everyone’s opinion is the same. Therefore, it was decided to bury Khalid on Tuesday afternoon. Khalid’s elder brother is in Gopalganj, he is preparing everything.

Khalid suffered a heart attack at his Green Road residence on Monday evening. He was then rushed to Comfort Hospital on Green Road.

Doctors declared him dead on arrival at the hospital. He reportedly died before reaching the hospital.

The vocalist of the band ‘Chaim’ was 58 years old at the time of his death. He sang many songs. The image of simplicity was popular among them. For some reason, it was not returned even when he was gone, if grief came through the Himalayas.

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